Pvt Ltd Compliances
All ROC related compliances such as filing of Annual Return (AOC-4 and MGT-7/7A), Appointment of Statutory Auditor, and Regularization of Additional Directors.

OPC Compliances
All ROC related Compliances

LLP Compliances
All ROC related Compliances

Section 8 Compliances
All ROC related Compliances

Charges Forms
Registration of Creation and Satisfaction of Loans/Mortgage/Liens with Registrar of Companies.
Modification in any Charge Registered with MCA.

Maintenance of Minutes
Regular Maintence of Board Meetings and General Meetings of the Company including Statutory Registers mentioned under Companies Act, 2013

Share Transfer
All compliances related to Transfer of Shares of the Company.

Director KYC
Regular and Timely KYC for Director Identification Number with MCA.

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