About Us:

We Aparna & Co. (Formerly known as Surayya & Co.), having existence for more than three decades, is a team of well professionally qualified persons having vast experience in the Field of Statutory Audit, Internal Audit and Tax Management. We believe in upholding the highest standards of business ethics with a dedicated commitment to total quality. It is a leading chartered accountancy firm rendering comprehensive professional services which include audit, tax consultancy, accounting services, secretarial services etc. We work as a team as we believe in the concept of 'One plus One Makes Eleven'. Under Aparna & Co. we follow the rule that time is money and every work done within a due time leads to monetary benefits. Time bound completion of work shows the commitment and dedication towards the work.
Presently, there is unprecedented change in the business environment / activities at a very large scale. In order to perform the business in an efficient manner, it has become mandatory for a client to match the pace of such economic changes. The change creates problems as well as challenges which has to be faced. We at Aparna & Co., we give our clients a strength by way of giving value added services to the clients so that they can face those challenges. We are a team of people having vast experience in various fields of profession. The team is a combination of specialized skills, which are geared to offers sound financial advice and personalized proactive services.
Technology is playing an important role in our day to day life as well in the field of regulatory compliance. All the statutory bodies are becoming automated and therefore, it is necessary to be in line with such technological development. Therefore, in order to provide such technological advantage we are working in a fully technology oriented environment and providing our best services.